Upcoming shows

Date Club City Country
2018-09-22 The Meat Brothers Taung South Africa
2018-09-23 OHBrigado East London South Africa
2018-09-28 Views At Twenty5 Durban South Africa
2018-09-29 Tlhaping Village Bedworthpark, Vaal South Africa
2018-09-29 Witpoort Dam Wolmaransstad South Africa
2018-10-06 Wild Waters Complex Boksburg South Africa
2018-10-14 Sunday Therapy at Trinity Lounge Windhoek Namibia
2018-10-18 Kitcheners Braamfontain South Africa
2018-10-27 Malkerns Country Club Malkerns Swaziland
2018-11-24 Berlin November 18 East London South Africa
2018-12-08 La Aura Sports Bar and Lounge Queenstown South Africa
2018-12-26 Mmametlhake Carnival (MMACA) Mmametlhake South Africa